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What type of courses does Arts Central provide?

We provide courses in Carnatic Vocal Music, Carnatic Violin, Bharatanatyam, Mridangam, Western Classical Guitar, Keyboard, Slokas, Bhajans and Film Music.

Can learning Performing Arts Online equate with in person learning?

Learning online gives the student an advantage to learn from the comfort of own home thus avoiding the hassle of travelling to the teacher’s place. In this time and age when parents scramble to manage work and home, it has been proved that online learning is the best choice. We, at Arts Central, offer a structured curriculum, highly trained and expert Faculty along with a world class technology. This offers the student a unique learning experience and also a platform to exhibit his/her talent.

How will I be able to attend the class?

You will get an email prior to every class with a URL. You just have to click on that URL to join the class. You can login to with your unique credentials to access your learning environment. You will get access to all your lessons, audio and video clips that you can access to learn and practice your art form.

How do I know if I can take a course?

Every course will have age criteria and requirements for the course listed which will help you gauge your eligibility for a course.

Does a 45-minute session in a group class provide sufficient time to learn?

Absolutely. In the 45-minute online class, the student will have undivided attention. Unlike classroom trainings, there are no large groups in an online environment. The maximum class size for any online class is 5. If we have less than 5 registrations by the start date, we would still continue with the class for the students who have enrolled. For a small group, a focused 45 minute class can help cover sufficient lessons for the student to practice for the entire week before the next class.

Do I have to start with the basic level even if I have already learnt music?

Pre-requisites are needed to join any level other than Level 1. You can find the pre-requisite criteria in our website. For new students wanting to join advanced courses an assessment will be done by the Academy to see if there are ready for the course.

Can a student enroll in multiple courses?

The Academy allows its students to enroll in multiple courses.

Do I have to purchase the instrument for Instrumental courses?

Yes. The Student has to purchase the instrument for courses in Instrumental Music.

What happens if I miss the class?

If you miss the class, we will be unable to provide a compensation class. However, you can log in to with your credentials and you will be able to see the instructional videos. However, if the Faculty cancels the class or Technical problems arise from the Academy’s (Teacher) end, a compensation class would be provided for the student.

I want a customized course. Can you provide this?

Yes, we can. Please write to us at with more details.
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