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Our curriculum spans a wide range of disciplines within the visual and performing arts, including:

Visual Arts

Painting, Drawing, Clay Modeling, Origami and more.

Performing Arts

Music and Dance.

Integrated Arts

Programs that blend multiple artistic disciplines to provide a holistic learning experience.

Each program is carefully designed by experts in the field, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education that covers both foundational techniques and advanced skills. Our lessons are aligned with national standards and are adaptable to various educational settings, including traditional classrooms and online learning environments.

Performing and Visual Arts for Universities

By integrating self-learning courses in visual and performing arts, universities can enhance their educational offerings, support student’s successes, and remain competitive in an increasingly digital and globalized education landscape.

Enhanced Flexibility

Offers students the ability to learn at their own pace and schedule, accommodating diverse lifestyles and commitments.

Resource Efficiency

Reduces the need for physical classroom space and on-campus resources, optimizing university facilities.

Personalized Learning

Allows students to tailor their education to their individual interests and skill levels, fostering a more engaging learning experience.

Skill Enhancement

Provides opportunities for students to develop practical and creative skills that are valuable in various professional fields.

Technological Integration

Encourages the use of modern technology and digital tools, preparing students for the evolving demands of the arts industry.

Innovative Teaching Methods

Incorporates diverse teaching methodologies and multimedia content, enhancing the learning experience.

Cultural Enrichment

Promotes cultural awareness and appreciation, enriching the campus community and student life.

Academic Flexibility

Complements traditional degree programs by offering elective or supplementary courses, broadening academic offerings.

Student Engagement

Increases student's engagement and motivation through interactive and dynamic course content.

Global Perspectives

Offers exposure to diverse artistic traditions and practices from around the world, fostering a global outlook.
in Colleges

How the Program Will Be Implemented?

Once the MoU is signed between Arts Central and the college, the implementation process is seamless and straightforward:

LMS Platform Access

The Learning Management System (LMS) platform will be activated and ready for students to log in. Each student will receive credentials to access the platform.

Course Selection

A variety of courses are available for students across all three/four years of college. Students can choose their desired courses and start engaging with the world-class self-learning modules at their own pace.

Progress Tracking

Colleges will receive comprehensive, term-wise report analyses detailing student participation. These reports will include data on how many students logged in, their progress levels, and overall engagement.

Term-wise Reports

Detailed reports will be submitted to the college each term, providing insights into student performance and course completion rates.

Cultural Events

To further enhance the college experience, Arts Central will organize exclusive inter and intra-college cultural events. These events will not only foster a vibrant community but also boost the college's brand name and reputation.

At Arts Central, we are committed to making arts education an enriching and integral part of every student’s learning journey. Join us in our mission to inspire and cultivate the next generation of artists and creative thinkers.

For more information, please contact us to explore our curriculum offerings. Together, let's make the world a more creative place!

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